The energy reduction scheme

We help businesses of all sizes save money by providing and installing brand new energy efficient equipment at zero cost (see our Funding page for more information), to reduce energy costs, consumption and carbon footprint.


  • Free energy audit
  • New high spec energy efficient equipment
  • No capital outlay
  • Reduced energy spend
  • Competitive energy prices
  • Energy usage and carbon emission reductions

Battery storage

Battery storage works by charging up during the cheapest tariff periods, or by storing self-generated electricity. This energy can then be used during peak usage times, or at times when electricity tariffs are at their highest.

Combined heat & power systems

Around 50% of the coal, gas, or biomass it takes to generate electricity for the national grid is wasted. The energy efficiency of CHP technology can make substantial savings in the cost of energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

LED Lighting

LEDs are a super-energy-efficient and reliable form of lighting. Many businesses are already switching to LEDs, as a cost-effective and future-proof investment. We can supply small household fittings through to high spec bay or flood lights.

Commercial solar panels

Solar power systems are quickly gaining popularity with business owners as they reduce energy costs, and can even generate income.

Biomass energy

Biomass boilers work by burning wood pellets, logs or animal waste, to provide heating and hot water. Switching to a biomass boiler can give your business a huge saving of up to 50% on fuel costs, and will elimiate your CO2 emissions.

Heat pumps

Using ambient heat from either the outside air, or ground source, heat pumps are a highly efficient means of heating which also double up in the summer as cooling units. They are low maintenance and easy to install.

How it works

Free energy audit

Our energy saving experts will carry out a detailed audit of your building, and the way your business consumes it's energy. Once we've collected all the information we need, we'll produce an in-depth report detailing the equipment we can supply, as well as ways you can cut down on your energy expenditure.


If agreed, we'll arrange a pre-installation site visit and then delivery and installation of equipment. We will work together with you at all times to suit the needs of your business.

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